About the show

Glocal Citizenship is the recognition that we are simultaneously citizens of our local communities and of the world as a whole. It's about understanding how local actions have global impacts and how global issues affect our local communities. As Glocal Citizens, we strive to be informed, engaged, and responsible individuals who work to create a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Explore the intersection of local and global impact with Glocal Citizens! Hosted by Florence Adu, this podcast delves into the experiences of inspiring individuals bridging their local selves with the wider world. Through engaging conversations with Dynamic Diasporans, Florence explores the personal and professional journeys that define Glocal Citizenship. Along the way, get to know more about the business of their business, including the technical and operational aspects involved in the work of manifesting a new world. Go beyond the headlines and discover how individuals are shaping a more just and sustainable world, both in their own communities and on a global scale.

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