Glocal Citizens host Florence Amerley Adu is CEO and co-founder of LEAP Transmedia, which seeds and sows a vision for improving education and economic outcomes for Ghanaians and Africans across the diaspora. Do you dream about “doing something” abroad? Then consider Glocal Citizens required listening in the due diligence, trusted advisor and inspiration department. In each episode, Florence visits with dynamic diasporans making local and global impact designing and applying their craft.

She explores how their passions have rooted them throughout their lives, while at the same time feeding the branches compelling them to keep reaching “beyond.” Florence and her guests discuss the personal and professional dimensions of glocal citizenship. And she rounds out the discussion with a deep dive into to the business of their business, covering the technical and operational components of the work of manifesting a new world.

Florence Amerley Adu has hosted 231 Episodes.