Episode 138

Energetic Communication with Adama Sesay


August 16th, 2022

1 hr 5 mins 47 secs

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Greetings Glocal Citizens!
As the August moon is now on the wane, we're taking in the moon's full splendor from beginning to end in conversation with professional astrologer, empowerment alchemist, and the author of the highly anticipated book and oracle deck: Black Moon Lilith™ Rising (HayHouse Inc. Fall '23), Adama Sesay. Adama, a Sierra Leonian-American, is also the creator and founder of LilithAstrology.com and the private streaming platform Black Moon Lilith™ Collective. Shadow work, self-empowerment, alchemy, and self-realization through the birth chart and knowledge of Black Moon Lilith are her specialties. Her work has been featured in top media outlets like Cosmopolitan Magazine, Well + Good, Buzzfeed, and BYRDIE. 
Whether you're a stargazer, have your feet planted firmly here on earth, or both, this conversation is full of empowering nudges to help guide you into your full energetic self.

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What's Adama reading?
Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas
African Goddess Rising Oracle: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook by Abiola Abrams
Books by Kim Krans

What's Adama watching?
The Handmaid's Tale

What's Adama listening to?
Ancient Wisdom Today With Shaman Durek
Dr. Deepak Chopra
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Other topics of interest:
Tropical vs. Vedic Astrology
Babylonian Astrology
National Council for Geocosmic Research
Haus of Hoodoo
Pluto Return
A Modern Textbook of Astrology
Saturn Return