Adama Sesay is a professional astrologer, empowerment alchemist, and the author of the highly anticipated book and oracle deck: Black Moon Lilith™ Rising (HayHouse Inc. Fall '23). She is also the creator and founder of and the private streaming platform Black Moon Lilith™ Collective. Shadow work, self-empowerment, alchemy, and self-realization through the birth chart and knowledge of Black Moon Lilith are her specialties. A Scorpio queen, she is known for her message of self-empowerment by utilizing the astrological shadow placements in the birth chart like debilitated planets, Lilith, Saturn, and Pluto as tools for inner shadow work. Her goal is to spark deep personal growth within the collective by shining a light on what's blocking or delaying their true expression of self. Her specialties are writing horoscopes, creating videos, teaching spiritual alchemy, analyzing astrological charts and discussing magick on social media. Her clientele ranges from all backgrounds and walks of life internationally. Her work has been featured in top media outlets like Cosmopolitan Magazine, Well + Good, Buzzfeed, and BYRDIE. 

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