Episode 64

Humanitarian CoCreating with Sarah Adeyinka Part 2


March 9th, 2021

32 mins 2 secs

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Ẹ n lẹ [en-le] Glocal Citizens! That's "hello" in Yoruba which is hometown glocal speak for this week's guest, Sarah Adeyinka. Sarah is a humanitarian researcher currently carrying out research on exploitation, human trafficking and irregular migration. Prior to joining academia, Sarah worked with several NGOs for over a decade before transitioning into academia. She is also the founder of CoCreate VZW - a non-governmental organization that provides training for anti-trafficking organizations and aims to create multiple avenues through which survivors can sustain themselves and thrive. This March we're honoring women making history and hope you too can offer your support with a donation to CoCreate - find out more here.

Coupling the training, experience and information Sarah has gained as a researcher with her experiences as a practitioner are key for effectiveness in her field which facilitates her ability to consult with organizations and offer presentations on anti-trafficking measures and working with/caring for survivors of human trafficking with a focus on Nigerian women. Fun fact, Sarah's education, curiosity and work have taken her to over 40 countries on five continents.

This March, Sarah will become a published author with her first book, Nigerian and Ghanaian Women Working in the Brussels Red-Light District. Get your copy today!

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