Episode 54

Infusing Technology into Anti-Corruption and Advocacy with Joy Namunoga Part 2


December 29th, 2020

31 mins 20 secs

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Holiday Greetings Glocal Citizens!
This week my guest is Joy Namunoga, currently an Advocacy Officer in Governance and Social Accountability at ActionAid International. Joy is a Ugandan, based in Kampala with a 10-year experience in program management, research, public policy, civic technology and community engagement. she’s an expert on governance and social accountability who has designed civic technology projects like “Fix My Community” to strengthen Uganda’s health systems supply chain, and co-designed Uganda System of Electronic Open Data Records (USER) to enhance information flow and transparency. Her work in holding governments accountable was supported by the Community Solutions Program Fellowship from the US Department of State at the Sunlight Foundation, Washington Dc. In 2017/2018, Joy served as Uganda’s Alternate Chairperson for the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) Human Rights and Accountability Committee and the brain behind the Health and Education Sector Anti–corruption working groups as platforms for citizens – state engagement. Joy is most definitely a Diasporan one to watch!

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What’s Joy reading?
Worst Enemy, Best Teacher : How to Survive and Thrive with Opponents, Competitors, and the People Who Drive You Crazy by Deidre Combs
Other books by Deidre Combs

Other topics of interest -
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