Episode 214

Deep Dialogues and Enabling the Possibility of Change with Yaliwe Clarke


March 19th, 2024

1 hr 3 mins 8 secs

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This week, we’re flashing back to my trip to Cape Town last November. I met my guest, Yaliwe Clarke through sister-to-sister connection, literally. Her sister and mine are friends and as we (my sister and I) were in SA together our meeting was inevitable. Yaliwe, who is of Zambian and British parentage found her way to South African nearly two decades ago from Zambia, where she spent most of her life. She is the immediate past Director of the African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Prior to this, since 2000, she worked with civil society organizations and interacted with a wide range of social justice activists, peace-builders/conflict resolution practitioners, diplomats, and peace and security personnel in over 11 countries in Africa. She is a skilled conflict resolution practitioner, trainer, and facilitator who has experience in assisting nonprofit organisations, and government officials across the African continent, particularly during her time as a Senior Trainer at the Centre for Conflict Resolution, based in Cape Town. Alongside this work, Yaliwe has taught and written on African Feminism, peace, security, and development at the University of Cape Town since 2008. She has a Ph.D. in Social Development that investigated the micro-politics of women’s ‘peace activism’ in northern Uganda. She is also interested in post-conflict reconstruction processes; social change processes in times of crisis; and notions of respectable femininity, marriage, pleasure, and (hetero)sexuality in Africa. In entrepreneurship, she is co-founder of Maliya Tours & Transfers which focuses on travelers seeking out sites and histories in South Africa that are distinct from those in other countries and based on hers and her co-founder's experiences living in the Western Cape. If you’re ever in the Western Cape, definitely book your tours with Maliya. We did and they did not disappoint!

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Maliya Transfers & Tours
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Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown

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