Episode 184

On Being a Science Mercenary with Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi Part 2


July 25th, 2023

38 mins 14 secs

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This week we’re taking a trip to the stars and back with astrophysicist, author, STEM educator, multi-patented inventor, voice actor, TV personality, science communicator, and keynote speaker, Hakeem Oluseyi. Another fellow Stanford University Alum, Hakeem recently served as the Space Science Education Lead in the Space Mission Directorate at NASA headquarters. His work has resulted in 11 patents, and more than 100 publications covering contributions to astrophysics, cosmology, plasma physics, and the development of space missions, observatories, focal plane instruments, detectors, semiconductor manufacturing, and ion propulsion. He has co-hosted and contributed to several shows on Science Channel and Discovery International including Outrageous Acts of Science, How the Universe Works, Space's Deepest Secrets, Strange Evidence, You Have Been Warned, The Planets and Beyond, and Strip the Cosmos. He regularly appears on news programs and has won or been nominated for several awards for science reporting including an Emmy nomination and four Webby Awards. His memoir A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars was released in 2021.

Hakeem sees his professional mission as advancing humanity's understanding of the universe through scientific inquiry; passing on the detailed knowledge of this process and its results to the next generation; and service to humanity and country. True to his mission, he is doing all of the above not only in the U.S., but across the planet and into the cosmos.

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