Episode 130

Glocally Speaking with Ronda Železný-Green, Salim Rollins and Nyamal Tutdeal


June 21st, 2022

31 mins 51 secs

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Summer Solstice Greetings Glocal Citizens!
This year, we're saying so long to spring with a bit of a bang as here in the US--yes, I'm back in Brooklyn for the summer, the Juneteenth holiday and Father's Day start the week. In observation or tribute to these events, for this week's episode I've curated a "Glocally Speaking" conversation as an expression of thoughts, sentiments and realities around citizenship, education, fatherhood, activism, history and culture. Ronda Železný-Green from EP 92 kicks off the conversation with ideas on the necessary framework for the most global citizenship of all - digital citizenship. Next is father, yogi and capoeirista, Salim Rollins from EP 37. He guides us in experience and in language from Kenya, back to the US and finally settling in Kenya with his family. Closing out this spring remix is Nyamal Tutdeal from EP 102 with a glocally speaking potpourri from communications during times of conflict to a lesson in what is probably Africa's most common lingua franka - food.

No passport required! Grab a snack, relax and let the sound be your transport.

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