Episode 125

Globalizing Health and Care for Impact with Sam Baddoo


May 17th, 2022

50 mins 5 secs

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Greetings Glocal Citizens!
This week on the podcast we're talking innovation in migration. My guest, serial entrepreneur, Sam Baddoo joins me from his current base in Columbus Ohio, shortly after a recent trip back home to Accra, Ghana where he was born and raised. Sam is all about empowering immigrants everywhere to show love with intention starting with healthcare. He is the founder and CEO of the healthcare insurtech start-up Fleri which ensures that the money immigrants send back home goes exactly where they intended while getting quality healthcare for loved ones in Africa and eliminating money transfer fees.

Many words define who he is, but none more so than “immigrant” - and his story represents the stories of millions of brave, hopeful and selfless individuals, many giving up the comfort of familiar spaces to create a new life and future for themselves and those who depend on them. He is all “IMMIGRANTS” and his life’s work is to see his us live more authentically - flourishing and thriving, not just surviving.

This was such an inspiring conversation offering a thoughtful perspective on the type of agility that defines successful entrepreneurship. Tune in and for those of you migrants with loved ones check out Fleri, there's a plan for your needs and the peace of mind we all seek when we can't always be a physical presence.

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