Tem Blessed, is a multi-talented keynote speaker astounding audiences with his unique blend of poetry, hip-hop music, and relevant social messages. He has spoken at many prestigious universities including Harvard University, Brown University and UMass Amherst and he has shared the stage with recording artists Common, KRS-1, and Ludacris. From large audiences at city-wide earth day festivals, to more intimate settings including classrooms and school assemblies, his word inspire people, particularly youth, with powerful messages focused on personal transformation, critical thinking, global responsibility and how young people can use their voices to be leaders in their communities.

Merging his talents as a hip-hop artist and passions as an environmental justice activist he has recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign enabling him to publish a stunning 252 page YA (young audiences) graphic novel, Planeta Blu - Rise of Agoo. He wrote this story to inspire the next generation of youth of color. For Tem Blessed, born Temistocles Ferreira, representation matters. As an African American born in west Africa, he was called to write this book to create a world where a strong, young black woman would be the hero and that other youth of color could see themselves in the same heroic, positive light. This was a calling to create a unique and inclusive literary experience that helps to inspire diverse young readers to face whatever challenges come their way in the real world. Planeta Blu - Rise of Agoo is a fantastic afro-futuristic adventure that tells the tale of New Bedford inner-city youth: Lares, her brother Angel, Tom, and Tyler as they fight to save humanity and animal kind from the apocalyptic plans of Zander, oil tycoon billionaire, turned the evil world conqueror. Planeta Blu is where Narnia meets the magic of Harry Potter and where the gritty reality of The Hunger Games meets the courageous talking animals of The Jungle Book. Classic themes such as courage, compassion, sacrifice and love connect present-day teenage sheroes and heroes as they join forces and gain extraordinary powers from animals to save the planet from a toxic global genocide.

Temistocles "Tem Blessed" Ferreira has been a guest on 2 episodes.