Tara Sabre Collier is an international strategist and impact investment professional with a track record of supporting social enterprise growth, private sector development and startup ecosystems, especially across emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. Tara's passion is inclusive economic development, especially for Afrodescendant and indigenous communities and women and girls. Driven by this passion, She's spent the past 15+ years blazing a train in international development, strategy consulting and impact investment work with World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Ernst & Young, United Nations, Shell Foundation and various USAID projects.
Recognizing the importance of actual lived experience in delivering effective development interventions, for more than eight years living in the field in emerging markets and also gathered on-the-ground work experience across 18 countries on five continents, including Nigeria, UAE, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Jordan, Mozambique, Angola, Tanzania, UK, Qatar, and others. She has also translated these emerging market experiences to work on economic development for my community in the USA. Tara has firsthand entrepreneurial/ venture building experience in both emerging and developed markets, as well as an Oxford MBA (Skoll Scholar) in Strategy/Entrepreneurship plus an NYU MPA in International Policy & Management and a BA Magna cum Laude from Spelman College.

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