Dr. Taiye Ayoola-Adedeji is a Nigerian-American Pharmacist who earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy, a top institution in the U.S. She is also the CEO of her publishing company, Taikun Publishing, and the Author of the innovative, educational and interactive Yoruba-English bilingual book titled, The Yoruba Sound Book for Children, which was successfully launched in April 2022.

Although she migrated to the US at a relatively young age, she is fortunate to have spent her early formative years in Nigeria where she was truly able to gain appreciation for the Yoruba culture and language. As a mother who wants her own children to also value their cultural heritage, she is even more resolute about finding innovative ways to pass on the rich culture and instilling in them a sense of pride about their great ancestry, cultural heritage and identity.

Dr. Ayoola-Adedeji is passionate about preserving and promoting the Yoruba language and culture, particularly in the diaspora where comprehensive resources to teach or learn the tonal Yoruba language are limited. She lives in Maryland with her husband and children, and enjoys engaging her audience in various ways including via cultural classes, community events, speaking engagements and through her YORTONESTM social media platform, among other forums.

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