Raised in Alexandria, Egypt, Samir Abbass graduated in Agricultural Sciences, driven by a passion for
nature and aiming to contribute to tackling the numerous current environmental challenges.
Despite a background with limited exposure, his constant curiosity led him to keep learning to
have my own perspective of the world and life. This led to University studies in Tourism and further, Egyptology.
Subsequently Samir's interest in Ancient Egypt grew fast and he became a well known
Egyptologist-Guide, recognized for the quality and the in-depth tours offered, which allowed
him to start his own travel business, Real Egypt, in 2007. Real Egypt tours offer an in-depth historical
view of Egypt focused on revealing Ancient Egypt’s history. In addition he is an active speaker on national Egyptian television, where he has participated in aroun 60 programs on Nile TV International since 2015 and several radio programs. In 2011, his passion and interests evolved to include exploring Sudan for its connections to
Egypt’s ancient history. which led to expanding into in-depth tours in Sudan, starting Real Sudan
Tours which has become well known among international scholars interested in Nubian Civilizations
and Sudan’s rich archeology. Real Egypt and Real Sudan are now pioneers in the sustainable travel market.

Samir Abbass has been a guest on 2 episodes.