Pelu Awofeso is a winner of the CNN/ Multichoice African Journalists Awards in tourism reporting. In late 2019, he was named the Best Travel Journalist in Nigeria by the Nigeria Travel Week. Awofeso has keen interest in promoting local and international awareness of Nigerian arts, culture and traditional architecture, among other national assets, especially as they relate to or impact on domestic tourism. His writings have appeared in the Sunday Mirror, Lonely Planet, Kinfolk, World Policy Journal, Africa Today, Africa in Words, LOJEL, 234Next and The Sowetan, among many others. He has published five travel books all focused on his experiences travelling in Nigeria (and Africa). The titles include: Nigerian Festivals; Tour of Duty; White Lagos; and Nine Degrees North. He has also edited an anthology of global travel writing (Route 234). As a culture enthusiast, he has been involved in several campaigns aimed at achieving global recognition for Nigeria’s many heritage sites. During the Covid19 lockdown, he contributed to the global digital campaign to create awareness for museums around the world; his contributions on Nigerian museums have now been permanently indexed in the #MuseumsUnlocked project, which was coordinated from the United Kingdom. Awofeso has attended many Pan-African and international gatherings where he has had opportunities to promote the Nigerian brand and identity; over the years, he has appeared on several radio and television programmes to share his ideas and vision for domestic tourism development, an agenda he continues to pursue to date. Awofeso has consulted for many organizations as a researcher and content creator. He is currently at work on a documentary on one of Africa's pioneer indigenous missionaries and first Black bishop of the Anglican Church, Samuel Ajayi Crowther (1809-91). When he is not travelling or writing, he divides his time between attending creative arts events in Lagos or working as a city guide to tourists.

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