An Entrepreneurial spirit, creative flair, highly motivated and comfortable managing ambiguity. Olivia Asiedu-Ntow is all these things and more.

Founder of The African Connection Agency - ‘The Connection’ an advisory consultancy which collaborates, builds and develops sustainable ecosystems for key sectors in Africa. We do this by connecting businesses to the Right Talent, Partners and Business Opportunities. Our main focus is to better connect Africa and achieve better growth for all.

She is also the co-founder of ScaleUp Africa an organization which was born out of the need to develop, grow and sustain SME’s across Africa with emphasis on women run/led and owned businesses. Our approach is to collaborate with innovative growth partners to work with SME’s over a period of 2 years to be investor ready and to be scaled up to compete in international markets. We will be curating content to educate, inspire and deal with the real issues being faced by SME’s in Africa. Our mission is to develop and create sustainable SME’s to grow into multi-million dollar corporations who will positively impact their social, economic and environmental platforms.

Olivia has over15 years experience in building and developing brands both in Europe and Africa. She has entrepreneurial zeal and a passion for growth and development. She has been prolific in global agencies such as SAS - now Publicis London, Publicis One in Ghana, Scanad- Part of Ogilvy, Wolf Ollins, Design Bridge,Basten Greenhill Andrews.

Her passion is in developing brands and building a connection between them and their stakeholders. Olivia is relentless, a force of nature, shrewd, personable and above all a real connector.

Outside of trying to be superwoman she is a keen yogi, lover of dance and is fascinated about the world we live in.

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