Nadhir Douma is a social entrepreneur, innovator and Artificial Intelligence enthusiast with an ICT background and more than 20 years in information systems mainly in higher education. He has founded and led 2 start ups in edtech in Tunisia. His first start up, e-Taalim, a free Weblog on e-Learning for executives, professionals and students in Africa and the Arab World was welcomed by several international organizations including UNESCO, ICT4ALL Forum, the European Commission, ALECSO and the OECD. In 2010, e-Taalim was chosen by the European association, Medventures as the best ICT start up in Tunisia He is currently mentoring and coaching start up founders and giving advice in eLearning, ePublishing, eMarketing and eBusiness.

His second start up, ISLAMeBooks, a digital publishing house/ebookstore specialized in Islamic books in many languages was chosen by the World summit award as one of the best 40 eLearning projects worldwide in 2013.

He is currently one of 371 Swedish Institute scholars enabling him to pursue a masters in Computer Science for sustainable development in Sweden. In 2019 his eHealth project start-up chosen was among 75 projects from across the globe selected to incubate and launch in the Startup Visa program in Denmark.

Other areas of interest : Sustainability, Sustaintech, Circular economy, transformative technology, Nutrition, Phytotherapy and wellbeing.

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