Kojo North, a proud Ghanaian, has built a successful career consulting software companies while dividing his time between London, Amsterdam, and Kumasi. Kojo has a keen interest in supporting Ghanaian software startups; he invests in and advises startups focused on driving digital transformation within the lodging and restaurant industries, believing in technology's power to solve real-world challenges.

At the same time, Kojo's ambitions stretch beyond the realm of software. In 2021, he embarked on a transformative project to redefine student accommodation in Ghana. His vision includes not just a student hostel but a complete ecosystem with a restaurant and a remote-first office creating opportunities for graduates to work for European-based companies without leaving home.

A trained pianist, Kojo has a love for all arts, particularly painting. As his investment portfolio in Ghana expands, he plans to exhibit various African artworks in his restaurant, Resurrection, creating an inspiring atmosphere for diners and workers.

Kojo shares his journey on YouTube, hoping to encourage other diasporans to join him in exploring their roots and contributing to their homeland's growth, making strides in the digital landscape, championing art, and share in his unique journey with the world.

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