Raised between the alternate realities of Ghana and Britain, Kobina "Kobby" Ankomah Graham is passionately curious about music, African culture, and counterculture. Through almost two decades of lecturing, researching, public speaking, developing creative projects, curating music, and freelance writing, he has championed arts and culture. Both speak to social imagination, without which society is incapable of dreaming itself out of its problems; doomed instead to regurgitate the present in shiny new scientific and technological forms.

KObby has explored this idea in settings ranging from classrooms to international conferences, and in numerous workshops, panels, podcasts, publications, and dance floors. Along the way, he has been profiled by platforms like the BBC, written for others like The Guardian, received a Miles Morland African Writers Scholarship, and DANIDA funding for Ph.D research on Ghana’s alternative music scene. In doing these things, he is creating pathways for young African creatives, cultural practitioners and journalists to follow that he did not have on my way up. It’s literally all for the culture: towards the expansion of our collective empathy and social imagination.

Kobina Ankomah Graham has been a guest on 3 episodes.