Social justice entrepreneur and advocate of ethical trade and sustainable practices, Karishma Kelsey is currently researching the impacts of fair-trade on communities and regenerative economic solutions in the textile industry whilst promoting ethical artisan trade and preservation of arts through the creation of slow fashion ranges and the advocacy of conscious style, whilst honoring the earth. Strongly rooted in the spiritual practice of the interconnection of all life, Karishma is a proponent of the interbeingness of life , implying that all one needs to fully transform the world is to transform one self. As if this is not enough Karishma is currently a full time educator of business and design.

Witnessing the negative impacts of the fashion industry on the earth workers and communities, Karishma decided that the only way to democratize fashion was to be different , disruptive. In 2003 she founded Karishma Design, a social justice enterprise disrupting the fashion industry through ethical practices that empower and transform everyone from the earth to raw material suppliers, artisans and makers to us, the wearers.

Karishma Design has created opportunities for social economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged communities using fair trade practices in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa Sri Lanka, and now India by building trusting relationships with artisans and communities, one community at a time.

Karishma Singh Kelsey has been a guest on 2 episodes.