Joannes "Joe" Hotagua, Sierra Leonninan-American, a Strategic Advisor with 16 years of professional experience helping Startups monetize their digital assets & Fortune 500 Brands reach their target customers through Digital Media advertising. Early in his career, Joe was responsible for using email marketing and affiliate advertising to drive product purchases and lead generation for direct-to-consumer companies.

In 2012, he began his investment career by personally investing in PeepsOut, a minority-run Livestream mobile app, that allowed users to see the crowd size at bars and restaurants in real-time. At its peak, there were 90 restaurants and bars (in two cities) on the service, and $350,000 was raised in funding.

His current business, Hotagua Enterprises Limited, is a Freetown, Sierra Leone based firm focused on improving the lives of underrepresented and underserved populations and operates in four sectors: African Startup Advisory, African Film Production, E-commerce, and Real Estate.

In 2020 he relocated to Accra, Ghana where is currently based and serves as a Start-up Mentor at Google for Startups EU, Founder Institute and MEST Africa.

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