Along with being a fun loving, adventure seeking, vegan food lover, Jewells really enjoys sharing about Iceland and her life in such a fantastic place. Sh's a native New Yorker that fell in love and married an Icelandic man. Moving to Iceland was not a difficult choice and it amazes her every day that she gets to live there. No matter if she's hiking in the highlands or walking on the streets of Reykjavík, she is always learning something new. While not completely fluent in Icelandic yet, it is a work in progress for Jewells. She looks forward to the day when speaking Icelandic is as easy as breathing.

She is an engineer by training but her career has delivered her into roles as a digital strategist. Her passion lies in being able to engage, inspire and infuse innovation into her work by utilizing her analytical mind, organizational skills and innate ability to connect with people. Over the years, She's been fortunate to wear many hats working in various industries; still her objective remains the same - link the right people to the right resources to relieve their pain points.

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