Erica M. Dabiel is a Global Health Leader with a unique spread of experiences spanning the globe. She began her professional exploration by pursuing her Masters in Public Health (MPH) and wanting to expand her capacity to work with individual clients, she pursued a certification in sex and relationship coaching through the Somatica Institute. In her coaching, she serves as a catalyst to change the narrative on how sex, relationships, and love are viewed, particularly by those of African descent and Christian backgrounds.

She dismisses the stigma that sex positivity equates to promiscuity. Instead, embracing the joy of natural sexual energy and expression. She channels her passion for this into the organization she founded, “For the Love of Fufu,” an Accra-based project operating on the premise that most people want to be an active part of their social experience. It brings a new style to how people connect and make lasting memories by curating highly interactive and engaging events around traditionally taboo topics.
She also lead curator of GlobaLuminay Consulting where her objective is to help everyday, normal individuals travel this world, the way best for them.

Erica Daniel has been a guest on 2 episodes.