Dr. Bhekinkosi Moyo, born and raised in Zimbabwe, is a descendant of the Moyo (heart/soul) and Ndlovu (elephant) clans. Over the course of his personal and professional lives, he has continued to marvel and draw strength from their combined histories and diversities. He is a writer, author, researcher and thought-leader with keen interest in questions of African resources, democracy and governance. He has, so far, championed African discourse on philanthropy, contributed to the growth of many African civil society formations and has taken part in most of the continental processes of development and governance. He is currently an adjunct professor at University of the Witwatersrand Business School where he also heads the African Centre in Philanthropy and Social Investment. Dr. Moyo has more than twenty years experience working on knowledge generation, research and policy analysis as well as building capable institutions across Africa. He writes and support institutions of civil society, private sector and intergovernmental agencies on matters of governance, development and sustainability. Dr. Moyo, over the years, has become a go to specialist on African philanthropy.

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