Ayobisi Osuntusa is an education and development professional with twenty-five years’ experience as a teacher, trainer, community development worker, and administrator. She has developed and implemented curricula content, audio and video media, and instructional materials to teach cross-cultural nursery and primary to aid learning in the classroom with her sensational team of educators.

Her most recent position is Executive Director of Sesame Square Nigeria Foundation, a mirror image and partner organization of Sesame Workshop New York - but located in Abuja, Nigeria. The Nigerian office has projects not only in Nigeria but also in Ghana, Mali, and the republic of Niger. They share the transformational messages that only Muppets can provide to assist children to be smarter, stronger, and kinder.

Growing up and living in the United States is a driving force for her to share her practical education experience with educators in Africa to encourage the development of the same fun learning environment to the children there.

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