Asmeret Berhe-Lumax, a dynamic team player with extensive domestic and international experience, she is a hands-on leader in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings developing and executing strategic plans encompassing client goals and translating them into an efficient and profitable production structure. She channels these skills as the founder of the One Love Community Fridge project, which is a community based response to the long lines at food banks that began during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City. The project is a purpose-driven initiative that supports community fridges, local businesses and framers by addressing immediate hunger needs, minimizing food waste and ensuring access to healthy, fresh foods. Asmeret is also co-founder of The Black Beauty Club, is a social enterprise focused on community building; driving cultural and solutions-oriented conversation across the diaspora; and impactful thought leadership within the Black Beauty space. A community grown on Clubhouse to drive insightful thought leadership and cultural conversations around the Black Beauty space, the Black Beauty Club member is a beauty consumer, aspiring or established founder, beauty critic, or member of the beauty industry. With a mission to galvanize and quantify the economic and cultural impact of Black businesses and consumers driving a stronger ecosystem, the Black Beauty Club and its members are invested in the Black Beauty zeitgeist and seek to bolster community support and through greater industry knowledge.

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